Perhaps none of our products are what you need. Maybe you want to keep your Little British Car stock, and just want to repair what you have. In that case, you might want a wiring diagram for your car that you can actually read! To help you, we have redrawn as many of the wiring digrams as we could find. To make them more readable, not only have we re-arranged them, we have also drawn them in color, with each wire printed in its correct color code. You can see a small portion of a diagram to the right to give you an idea of what these diagrams are like.

These diagrams are posted here in Adobe PDF format. You will need to have the Adobe reader to view them. If you don't have the reader, you may download a free copy direct from Adobe by clicking on the button below. The diagrams are printed on 11" X 17" paper to make them more legible, so if your color printer won't print on that size paper, you can take the PDF file to your local copy shop - Kinkos, Staples, etc, - and ask them to print them for you. This is a bit costly, so you may want to print only the pages for your car, rather than the whole set.


(These diagrams were created using the best information available. Any given diagram may or may not specifically apply to any given model. Before using these, confirm that the diagram you are using actually fits the car you are using it with.)

For your convenience, right-click and select "save target as" to download to your computer
Triumph TR2 - TR3B     (117KB)
Triumph TR250 - TR6     (315KB)
MGB     (644KB)
Other makes/model are in the works. Check back later for them.

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