Up until now, the MGB or Triumph owner has had only two options for improving the electrical systems in their cars: buy an OEM replacement or one of the many aftermarket wiring systems designed for street rods or custom cars. An OEM replacement only solves some of your problems, but doesn't solve any of the original design deficencies. You're still stuck with poor lighting, slow wipers, and sluggish heater fans caused by voltage drops through the old, worn out switches. The aftermarked kits available up until now are excellent, but they are not designed for an MGB or a Triumph, nor do they solve the problems with old switches. The majority of these kits are designed to mate with the GM steering column and the GM switches that are almost universally used in street rods, not for the switches we have.

Advance Auto-Wire's
wiring kit

The instructions supplied with these kits (usually pictorials) are quite clear if you are using these GM style components, but if not, you will have a heck of a time trying to figure out how to mate one of these kits to your car. Typical of the instructions supplied with these kits is this excerpt: "if you are not using a GM switch, you will have to trace out your wiring to determine how to wire the switch."   Huh?   How much help is that?

None of them have enough relays to take the load off your OEM switches. Without the relays, corroded contacts in the switches will still have voltage drops that will leave you with dim lights and may even cause the switches to heat up enough to cause a fire. Replacing these switches is expensive and time consuming, and without reducing the loads, the switches will deteriate rapidly, setting you right back where you were.

Well, help is here! Advance Auto Wire offers our own "PowerBlock" wiring kit, made specifically for MGs, Triumphs, and other British cars, with wiring color coded to match the original Lucas color codes. Click on one of the buttons to the left for more information on our "PowerBlock" system or any of our other products.