With seven relays, two flashers, eight fuses, all the connecters, terminals, and wiring needed to completely replace ALL the wiring in your car, this wiring setup will put an end once and for all to your British Car electrical problems! And not the wimpy wiring originally found in British cars - our wiring is all heavy gauge, top quality wire, made to handle the environment as well as the electrical loads. Heavier wire, combined with proper fusing, provides a definite improvement over the stock wiring! Electrical reliability in a British car!

              $790 postage paid

Why seven relays? OEM replacement switches for MGs and Triumphs are expensive and they are rather difficult to replace. By taking the electrical load off the switches and transferring it to the relays, the life of the switches is greatly increased. With relays, the switches only have to switch the very small load of the relay coils, letting the relay contact do the heavy current switching. In time, though, even the relays will fail and require replacement. Unlike the switches, relays cost around $5 or so, and takes all of 30 seconds to replace.

Perhaps the switches in your car have already aged to the point that the lights are dim as a result of contact degradation. Relays will operate with as little as 6-8 volts, so even your already bad switches will still operate them. Not having to replace your switches can save a lot of money.

Our power block wiring kits do not have relays for all functions, as some loads (such as the windshield wipers) are small enough not to need the benefits of relays. We supply relays for the following loads:

  • High beams
  • Low beams
  • Horn
  • Cooling fan
  • Ignition
  • Starter or Overdrive (depending on application)
  • Fuel pump

Why eight fuses? Because eight are enough. Unless you are adding extra, high current draw loads, eight fuses adequately protect your wiring. The 12, 18, or 21 fuse panels offered to the "street Rod" folks have fuses that you don't need in an MGB or a Triumph TR. If you wish to add extra, hight powered loads, you'll want to consider one of our auxiliary add-on systems - either the extra four-fuse auxilary fuse block, or the driving/fog light add-on relay/fuse block.

The diagram below shows the heart of our system, what we refer to as the "Power Block." They come in two flavors, the one shown below with a starter relay, and one with an overdriver relay for earlier model Triumphs with an "A" type overdrive. In addition to a complete, pre-wired power block, each kit comes with the additional wire need to do the remainder of the car, interfacing with the power block. Also included with each kit is a complet set of terminals, connectors, mounting screws, etc.