Here's what our some of our many satisfied customers have to say:

Bob D. - Well.... UPS just dropped off Dan's wiring harness and all I can say is WOW.
Top quality everything from the new power/fuse block to the wire itself. He also includes all grommets, bullet connectors, other modular connectors, heat shrink tubing, wire ties etc.etc. It's a bit overwhelming to look at all that wire that needs to be routed, cut, soldered and connected but it'll make a good Winter project now that retirement has taken place. I got lots of time now :-)

Stephen M. - The wire loom arrived Friday as expected. To say the very least, I am impressed with the kit. I did not expect to receive all the wire and fittings to build a whole new loom. I was going to splice the new fuses and relays into the original loom that came with the car. However I now will spend several happy hours constructing a completely new loom with very high quality, heavy gauge materials and can forget the frustrations of sorting out the old stuff. Thanks many times over.

Roger G. - you recall I recently ordered a wiring kit for a TR6. I also took your word and gutted the entire car as you requested. The day I did this my wife happened to be in the shop and saw the mess of old wiring all over the floor and her only statement was the project of restoring the TR has now come to a halt because I would never be able to accomplish this rewiring. All I said was TRUST ME and she laughed. My mind went back when I contacted you and you stated the same to me TRUST ME, well I did and I have been meaning to write to you for several days. In less than 2 weekends and a couple of nights after work I completed the job. I figure I have in app 36 to 40 hours in the wiring. I was really impressed not only with the kit but your instructions. I guess a jackleg mechanic can do it and with only 1 blown fuse while testing due to a switch getting grounded on the floor board which had not got mounted. My wife now is impressed (HA HA). Thanks again for your help and such a fine product.